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Photo: Castor the cat.


Castor is one of four orphaned kittens found in our wooded ravine. We are caretakers for a small colony of cats, including a brother and sister pair, who went through the TNR program this spring. A month after having been spayed, the girl showed up with four kittens. We trapped the little boys and removed them from the wild in early June, and they were all neutered soon after.

Since then, the four have lived in a screened-in porch while they learned how to be pets. All four are now sweet, loving, playful, and curious little boys, ready to find their forever home. In the past week, all four kittens—so recently scared and shivering in their litter boxes—have discovered their capacity for trust and affection.

Castor, the bravest of the four, and the bravest cat I’ve ever known “found” his purr two weeks ago, and showed his brothers how to play with toys. From being so scared he couldn’t look a person in the face, he has now become a curious and outgoing kitty who loves to snuggle and demands affection from any human who walks into his area of the house.

He plays with toys with abandon, in the way only truly comfortable kittens will. He is a loving brother to the other kittens, and I often see him bathing them after play episodes on the porch. He now greets us at the door begging for play, food, attention, and love.

He’s the one who experiments, who shows the other kittens what is possible. He still jumps the highest after toys, demands the lion’s share of attention, and loves on people the most. He is curious and fearless, and treats all humans now as his dedicated staff. He’s going to be a great kitty.

When held by humans—a taste he acquired only a few days ago—he will hold his head up with his eyes closed and purr so hard his whole body shakes. This is a wonderful kitten and a great cat in the making. He just needs the right people to appreciate his brand of affection, mischievousness, and playfulness. Pictures don’t do him justice—you have to see him in motion, particularly when he lifts his lovely face up toward you with such trust and adoration and begs for affection. Come see him in motion!


Castor would be most ideally placed with one of his other brothers. These kittens have been through a lot of stress together, and through it all, they held on to their love for one another. If he must be placed alone, Castor would benefit from time with an older cat.

Before he was trapped, he was part of a mini-colony of feral kitties, and he has learned a great deal from their guidance and affection. Even in the wild, he would court affection from his foster mother, twining himself around her and rubbing against her face. He loves other cats, and is deeply curious about my indoor kitties as well.

He shows no fear any longer, and demonstrates an abiding curiosity about his caretakers, his environment, and the world outside his enclosure. He MUST be an indoor kitty, as a boy with his experience could revert to being wild again, though an affectionate stray cat, with little difficulty. I would prefer to know he goes to a home where he will not be declawed either.

Photo: Castor the cat.

Castor is enough of a kitten that his purrsonality, like his body, is still under construction. Check out his siblings:  Pollux, Leonidas, and Oedipus.

Castor likestoys; his brothers; people with baby food; people in general; squeaky mouse toy; laser pointer

He dislikeriding in cars; being lonesome or hungry

Live, Let Live, & Learn—If you happen to find young kittens (or other baby animals) without their mom, please think things through before you act. Bottle babies have very special needs (food, temperature, excretory, etc.) and require expert care. It’s easy to shift into “helping mode.” But momcats do kittencare best!

Unless you are sure mom isn’t coming back, be prepared to quietly observe for awhile. Human intervention is not always what’s best for the animal! To paraphrase Antoine de Sainte-Éxupéry—you become responsible for those you rescue.

Photo: Castor the  cat.

Photo: Castor the cat.

Photo: Castor the cat.

Castor’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!


Confidence1 paw1 paw1 paw1 paw

Adaptable to change1 paw1 paw1 paw1 paw

Plays well with others1 paw1 paw1 paw1 paw

Activity level1 paw1 paw1 paw1 paw

 General Temperamentbrave and curious

Photo: the brothers.

Leonidas, Pollux, Castor, and Oedipus

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