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DOB:  5/04


Photo: Chloe the cat.

Chloé was found in a Dumpster. Yes, right here in “our” town. Some of her behaviors were a little rough around the edges. It was clear she had been a house cat and she loved being inside. She adored being around humans.

And, she even liked being touched. But she reached her touch-saturation point pretty quickly, and if you didn’t read her body language, chances are, you’d get bitten...hard. Despite Chloé’s cute white locket, nobody came looking for her. So it was decided that Chloé would join a farm-cat colony where the cats were well cared for.

Being quite personable, Chloé was a standout. She soon figured out how to finagle her way into the farm house where the people lived. But the farm house already had enough cats living inside. Each time she’d dart inside the door, Chloé would be gently picked up and taken back outside.

On a number of these short trips back outside, Chloé got bitey with her caregiver. One day she bit really hard and that was the end of her stay at the farm.

Upon evaluation, Chloé had been giving clear messages. She wanted to live inside and be a housecat again. She still trusted humans enough to let them touch her. She simply didn’t care to be picked up. But, she liked being touched—on her terms. Chloé needs a catwise person who is fluent in the basics of feline body language.

Chloé is a take-charge girl. Her toll-booth skills are highly developed (i.e., she likes to hang out at the top of the staircase where other cats have to pass by her, allowing for a swat). Chloé is also very vocally interactive and can carry on quite a conversation.

We think that Chloé will do best as an only cat for a person who is not expecting a lap log.

Chloé likesbeing inside (at last!); being touched, but not too much; trilling and interacting vocally with humans; polite and submissive other cats who are sensitive to her personal space

She dislikeshaving other cats intrude upon her space; being picked up; loud anything

Photo:  Chloe the cat.

Chloé’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!



Adaptable to change

Plays well with others

Activity level

 General Temperamentinquisitive with lots of potential

Photo:  Chloé the cat.
Photo:  Chloé the cat.
Photo:  Chloé the cat.

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