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DOB:  2/08


Elana wandered up the lane, cruising for something to eat. She often watched the little girl playing outside. The cat who lived in the garage seemed tolerant. But the dog, who was sometimes loose, was worrisome. He seemed to know when she was hanging around and she could tell he didn’t like that.

After a few more days, the little girl noticed Elana playing with a leaf, but couldn’t get her attention. The garage cat allowed her to eat the leftover food in her dish. Elana began to spend more time at the garage when she was hungry. Sometimes she followed the little girl around. Once Elana even let her pet her, but she never stayed around for very long because of the dog.

Photo: Elana the cat. One afternoon the dog startled Elana as she was sunning herself. He got her by the neck and shook her, hard. A man came out of the garage and grabbed the dog and put him back in the house. Elana ran off and didn’t come back for days.

Photo:  Elana the cat.

When she finally returned, there were two bowls of cat food in the garage. The little girl was waiting. They sat quietly together. Elana began stopping by twice a day. The dog still came outside, but he was always on a leash. Elana stayed around for longer periods of time.

Often, the man would see Elana sitting in the lane looking across the fields as he was approaching the garage in his truck. She never responded to the blasts of his horn...only when she actually saw the truck. Then she’d run into the ditch. But, recently the little girl was able to capture Elana in a box and bring her to us.

Photo: Elana the cat.

This cat is very fond of humans. She has a soft trill and follows people around. Elana also likes other cats, but you can tell she likes us uprights better.

Elana has been a clinic cat at Coralville Animal Clinic for four years. It is time for her to retire. She is currently working with her clinic mate Joey. who describes Elana as being a drama queen. Elana describes Joey's feline social skills as "rather arrested." Elana's boss Brenda describes her as a not particularly gracefull snoop with an advanced sense of humor, who rearranges shelved items daily until they are exactly the way she wants them.

Elana is a special needs cat since she seems to be deaf in both ears. She had a nasal-pharyngeal polyp in one Eustation tube, but that didn’t explain her total deafness. We took her to the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center in Cedar Rapids to be diagnosed.

In early January 2011 they removed two polyps (one from each Eustation tube). She still snuffles and snorts a bit, but that will get better as she heals. And who knows, since the polyps didn’t grow through her eardrums, perhaps she will be able to hear again. But just after Christmas 2014, Elana has a third polyp removed and we confirmed that she is deaf.

Although deaf cats compensate for their disability well, as you can imagine, they sleep quite soundly. Because they are so easily startled, they may hiss reflexively. You’ll need to use vibrations to warn Elana of your presence when she’s asleep and visual signals (e.g., flashing lights) to get her attention while she’s awake.

Elana has a thing about dogs. She thinks she can tell them what to do...even the big ones. Just to be safe, we're looking for a home with mature adults who will not use their hands as toys. She needs a place that does not feature many delicate objects that would tend to shatter if moved around every day.

Elana is quite the clown. She needs people who will recognize her dry wit as a special gift.

And by the way, Elana has a nickname, Shorty. It's because her tail (which provides counterbalance for her body) is quite short for a cat her size. This is why she is on the clumsy side.

Photo:  Elana the cat Photo:  Elana the cat.

Elana likesplaytime; head bunting; found objects; exploring; field hockey; observing her minions from on high; needing to know everything; mealtime; wand toys

She dislikesrestraint; not much else

Photo:  Elana the cat.

Photo:  Elana the cat.

Elana’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!


ConfidenceGraphic: fuscia pawprint

Adaptable to changeGraphic:  fuscia pawprint

Plays well with others

Activity levelone paw

 General Temperamentplayful and affectionate

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Photo:  Elana the cat.