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Eowyn (= A1, like the steak sauce)

DOB:  2002-3



Photo: Eowyn the cat.


Eowyn is a very loving and energetic cat. She is extremely smart and can figure out how to get into almost anything. She can be very cuddly and enjoys being petted gently. Eowyn’s great at communicating and letting you know things like she needs more food.

One of her favorite things is to spend time outside in her fenced-in yard, watching birds and squirrels.

Eowyn could get along with another cat, and we know she prefers male cats over female cats. Eowyn won’t do well with more than one other cat. She deals well with dogs, keeps her distance, but isn’t bothered by them as long as she doesn’t get chased.

She has decided she doesn’t like young children since they don’t have good control over how they pet. Older children (teenagers) are fine.

Photo: Eowyn the cat.

Photo: A friend and Eowyn the cat.

Eowyn really loves strings, feathers, and crinkly balls, but she can turn anything into a toy such as a pen you may have left lying around.

Her favorite thing to do is do a “drive by” cuddle. She'll come rushing over, rub on your legs, and then is gone again in a flash.

Eowyn likesbeing brushed; being outside in her fenced-in yard; chewing houseplants; her scratching post; cat toys (especially strings); cat treats; lounging on the sill of an open window with a screen

She dislikesreally loud noises; restraint; quick movements; being chased; being snuck up on; vacuum cleaners; getting wet; being locked out of a room; a dirty litter box


Photo: Eowyn the cat.
Photo: Eowyn the cat.


Eowyn’s ideal home would be a place where she has access to a fenced in back yard. She wants to be able to free-roam the whole house.

Being the only animal would be alright. Eowyn could share her human/s with one or two other animals at the most. Eowyn doesn’t really enjoy being picked up and would rather come to you on her own terms,

She will thrive best in a home with no children under middle-school age who are able to respect her boundaries. If given this type of home she will love you forever and give you great amounts of affection.

Eowyn is super smart and inventive and will make a great pet.


Eowyn’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!


Confidence1 paw1 paw1 paw

Adaptable to change1 paw1 paw1 paw

Plays well with others1 paw1 paw

Activity level1 paw1 paw1 paw1 paw

 General Temperamentactive

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