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Cats from Hills

These cats from Hills must be re-homed because of a change in their caregiver’s health. They have had the majority of these cats since they were kittens. Most were rescued from a neighborhood cat colony. The caregiver has helped care for many cats over the years, especially kittens in distress due to health issues.

JCHS has updated vaccinations and spay/neutering as needed prior to placement in adoptive homes, fostercare, or rescues.

Photo: Portrait of Alex the cat


• 10 years old

• neutered male

• brown/grey tabby; left ear folded back due to previous injury

• would be happy in a single-cat home; fearful of other cats

• is dog friendly if the dog is not hyper or barky

Photo: Alex the cat.
Photo: Portrait of Blaze the cat


• 3 years old

• intact male

• orange tabby

• Likes being petted on face only; has an “ear condition”

• can be lovey and snuggly; probably more so after neutered

• playful

• friendly with other cats and dogs

Photo: Blaze the cat
Photo: portrait of KittyKitty the Cat

Kitty Kitty*

• 10 years old

• spayed female

• thin

• friendly with people and dogs

• would prefer to be an only cat

• likes snuggling under the covers

Photo: KittyKitty the Cat
Photo: KittyKitty the Cat
Photo: portrait of Tripod jr

Tripod Jr*

• 10 years old

• neutered male

• orange long-haired tabby

• cat and dog friendly

• very shy but independent

Photo: Tripod Jr the cat
Photo: Tripod jr the cat

*These animals are listed as a Owner/Rescuer Re-home Service. They are not being fostered by JCHS. To meet them contact us by e-mail.

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