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DOB:  06/2003




Janice Becker was a founding member of the Johnson County Humane Society. She died in hospice care May 24, 2017. We are seeking homes for her two beloved cats, Nicki and Saki.

Saki died unexpectedly 05/30/17 about a week after Janice passed. We are now seeking a home for Nicki. A stipend will be provided. Nicki will do best as an only cat in a quiet home without children.

In the Past...

Nicki spent most of her young life crouched under the bed because the other two cats in the household terrorized her. They were particularly territorial about the litterbox and Nicki got ambushed enough on the way there that she’d end up eliminating wherevershe could.

She was the least favorite cat in the house. Her owner trash talked her and actually told us she never liked Nicki and wanted to be "rid" of her.

Nikki was quite fearful, stressed out, and sedentary by the time she got to us. In fact, she “hid” in her litterbox and peed on the towel that was in her cage, underneath it.

We worked long and hard on building her confidence. It was awhile before Nicki could accept and return eye contact. The day she actually approached one of us to be petted was a pretty special day.

Nicki doesn’t exhibit much interest in interactive toys, but when no one's watching, she does like batting catnip mice around.

Although her beauty attracted many visitors, her reserved nature seemed to put them off. Then a person who was a softie for reserved cats came along. Nicki was finally about to blossom.

She and Janice were a purrfect match for one another! Nicki lives like the princess she truly is. Her elimination habits are fine, providing there’s a pee pad on top of the litter in her litterbox.

Photo: Nicki the cat.

Photo: Nicki the cat


Nicki has recently blossomed yet again. There are many more people in the house since Janice has been ill. And Nicki has become friends with them all. She basks in the attention!

She shares the house with Saki, but they each have their own floor because they're not really friends. Janice slept half the night upstairs with Saki and the rest downstairs on the couch with Nicki because both cats love to snuggle.

Photo: Nicki the cat Photo:  Nicki the cat.

Nicki likesbeing petted, especially while she eats; gentle grooming; being reminded how beautiful and brave she is; caves more than mountain tops; her recent lion-cut trim, that's growing out

She dislikesother cats; loud and quick anything

Photo: Nicki the cat

At 14, Nicki is still fearful of other cats. Although she’s not exactly a lap cat (yet!), she is very affectionate, even with people who are new to her.

Nicki needs a person who will understand the problems that plagued her early life. Someone who will recognize her anxiety from being re-homed, missing Janice, and adjusting to a new life.

These photos of Nicki are from 2007-2008. We hope to add current photos soon.

Photo: Nicki the cat

Nicki’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!



Adaptable to change

Plays well with others

Activity level

 General Temperamentshy, but affectionate

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