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DOB:  08/2017




Olive is a short-haired, 16-pound terrier mix. She's about five months old and has not yet been spayed, but she has an appointment for the end of February. She does have a current Rabies vaccination. We got her at the end of November from a family in Waterloo.

She is truly a great dog but my partner who has not had a dog before discovered that he is allergic to her and we have to rehome her. We of course want her to go to a good home with someone who will love her.

Olive is a very loving and energetic puppy. She is quite bright and learns very quickly.

Olive probably could get along with another dog once she gets spayed. Currently she seems curious yet fearful of other dogs although she does try to interact with them by barking and approaching them as if to play.

She is shy (at first) with strangers, but likes them once she gets to know them. Olive doesn't mind being alone for part of the day.

Olive's attributes include: dependent; dominant; active yet cuddly; excitable and playful; shy; flexible; friendly; and loving.

And by the way, she ignores houseplants.



Olive likeschew toys; palying with her people; cuddling; baths; going on walks regularly; hanging out with her mom while she cooks

She dislikesbeing crated while her people are in the apartment


Photo: Olive the dog


Olive is a very loving and sweet-natured dog, with a lot of energy and we'd like her to have a home with a back yard where she could run around and hopefully a family that would play with her and love to train her.

She is just short of six months old so she is still very receptive to training and socialization, we just haven't had the chance to do it properly.

Olive’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!


Confidence1 paw1 paw

Adaptable to change

Plays well with others1 paw1 paw

Activity level1 paw1 paw1 paw1 paw

 General Temperamentactive

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