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Saki   RIP




Janice Becker was a founding member of the Johnson County Humane Society. She died in hospice care May 24, 2017. Saki died unexpectedly 05/30/17 about a week after Janice passed.

We are now seeking a home for Nicki. A stipend will be provided. Nicki will do best as an only cat in a quiet home without children.

Photo: Saki the cat

In the Past...

Saki’s family moved away without him. He waited patiently outside the garage for them to return. They never did. Two days later, a kind neighbor noticed him hanging out and looking dejected. It was hot. She took him some food and water, and made arrangements for us to rescue him.

His family never neutered him, and despite Iowa City’s leash law, they let him roam outside! Saki had been in a fight and ended up with an abscess near his ear. He now has a slight head tilt, which gives him a quizzical, pondering look.

Judging by his behavior, this is a cat who was roughly handled and yelled at. He would need a catwise person. Saki proved to be very bright and showed a great deal of potential. We worked every day showing him that hands are not toys. Some blood was shed, but not much.

He had been restrained by arms so much that he immediately became a "wooden kitty" with all four legs stuck straight out whenever he was picked up. So Saki also needed to learn that hugs are not for restraint. It wasn't long before Saki was putting his front paws on either side of my neck, kneading my shoulders, and drooling slightly in ecstasy—a little messy, but great progress! He was a quick study.

He needed a home where he’d be the only cat to experience more examples of positive interactions with humans. And he found just the right person.

Janice described Saki as the “Eddie Haskell” of cats. (Eddie was Wally’s unctuous, ingratiating friend on Leave it to Beaver. A wisecracking braggart in front of his buddies, Eddie immediately shifted to become overly sweet and courteous around adults.)

She knew Saki was almost too smart for his own good. And that while he has super manipulating skills he also has a very vulnerable side.


A few years ago Saki became diabetic and he requires insulin daily. He accepts his injections well—as simply a part of life.

Saki shares the house with Nicki, but they each have their own floor because they’re not really friends. Janice slept half the night upstairs with Saki and the rest downstairs on the couch with Nicki because both cats love to snuggle.

Photo: Saki the cat

Saki likespeople; cruising for food; watching wildlife; wand toys; exploring his environment; gentle grooming on his terms; being on the bed and standing over Janice’s sister, Lynn and kissing her nose.

He dislikesloud voices; restraint; other cats (just seeing them worries and annoys him); baths

At 18, Saki needs a person who can manage his diabetes and allow him to spend the rest of his life being adored. Someone who will cope with his anxiety from being re-homed, missing Janice, and adjusting to a new life.

These photos of Saki are from 2001-2004. We hope to add current photos soon.

Photo:  Saki the cat.

Photo: Saki the cat

Photo: Sake the cat Photo: Saki the cat

Saki’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!



Adaptable to change

Plays well with others

Activity level

 General Temperamentoutgoing and friendly

Photo: Saki the cat Photo: Saki the cat Photo: Saki the cat

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