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DOB:  10/04


Stella grew up in Moscow (Iowa) and was lucky enough to be seen sunning herself and her three kittens by a novice, but compassionate cat rescuer. She was also smart enough to know that the nice weather wouldn’t last much longer. The probability of her young kittens making it through an Iowa winter outside in the country was slim.

Check out her adopted kittens Benny, Ralfi, and Sabrina.

Stella excels at fitting in with other cats. Her needs are few and she is very polite. She loves being a house cat!

Although she has not been around many children, she’s a nurturing creature and would do fine. Dogs seem not to faze her.

Stella is a very competent cat and able to entertain herself with or without found objects. She doesn’t mind being groomed, especially when assured how beautiful she is.

Currently, Stella is working on becoming a lap cat.

Photo:  portrait of Stella the cat.

Photo:  Stella the cat.

Stella likesmealtime; watching wildlife; entertaining herself; helping her caregiver watch the occasional movie; keeping her coat in tip-top condition

She dislikes:not much

Photo: Stella the cat.

Stella’s Characteristics

not much


quite a bit

very much!



Adaptable to change

Plays well with others

Activity level

 General Temperamentoutgoing and inquisitive

Photo:  Stella the cat and her kittens.

Photo:  Sabrina, Benny, & Ralfi,kittens of Stella.

Photo:  Stella the cat.


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