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About JCHS

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Who We Are

The Johnson County Humane Society (JCHS) is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers devoted to providing programs and services for the animals and people of our community.

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 We are a nonprofit organization, funded entirely through tax-deductible donations from people like you.

 Although our group is licensed by the State of Iowa as an animal shelter, we do not operate an animal sheltering facility. Instead, we recruit foster caregivers who take companion animals into their private homes until permanent homes are found.

 We work collaboratively with our municipal animal shelter, the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center, as well as other animal agencies.

JCHS Mission

The Johnson County Humane Society (JCHS) is committed to supporting and promoting the humane treatment of all animals, particularly the companion animals in our community.

We encourage the support and sponsorship of humane education programs aimed at developing more compassion, better understanding, and a deeper appreciation regarding the diversity of animals in our world, and to advance community understanding of the need for animal protection and advocacy.

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We actively serve as animal advocates by providing appropriate services for animals in conditions of need, and as appropriate, for their companion humans.

We support just laws for the protection of animals in cooperation with the appropriate authorities.

What We Do

 We foster animals in our homesmeet the animals who are available for adoption by browsing through their photos, biographies, and personality profiles.

 We teach responsible caregiving through our adoption programlearn how you could provide a “forever” home for an animal who needs one!

 We’re spreading the word that overpopulation killsour spay/neuter program provides financial assistance to qualifying Johnson County residents for the spaying or neutering of their pets.

 We understand that most feral cats who have lived outside a few years are not homelessour trap/neuter/release (TNR) program focuses on maintaining healthy feral cat colonies.

 We teach that animals (like humans) go through stages of developmentvisit our Behavior page for strategies that focus on issues like “Cat waking you up at zero in the morning? Problems potty-training the puppy?”

 We actively lobby for better animal protection lawsyou can too! Learn how to help animals who are being mistreated.

 We know we can’t go it alonejoin us!

Photo: Roxie and Fred the cats, embracing
Photo: Abby the cat

 You’ve Got Questions...we’ve got answers!

 Discover creative strategies for dealing with lost/found pets.

 What to do if you find yourself in the position of having to re-home your companion animal (i.e., place your pet in a new home).  

 Need to borrow a kitty haven temporarily? Try our loan closet.

 Seeking help dealing with the death of your pet?

 Get some ideas about living with wildlife or helping wild creatures.

 Surf our Resources page.

 Our e-mail address is your communication link with us. Send a message and we’ll get back to you.

How You Can Help

 Adopt an animal from us!

 Become a member (see below) and get actively involved.

 Donate your time, skills, money...

 Become a foster caregiver to an animal waiting for a new home.

 Surprise us with something on our Wish List.

The animals need you. We do, too!

Join Us!

You may become a member anytime upon the payment of dues. Annual dues are $30 per individual member or $35 per family membership. Membership renewal is in October and reminders are sent in September.

Download our Membership Form. We gather on the second Monday of the month for a 7 pm meeting (6 to 6:30 to eat), usually at various local restaurants.

One of us arrives about a half-hour early to meet and help orient people who are new to the group. Come to our next meeting.

The Membership Form is a PDF file.

If you don’t already have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (the application necessary to read PDF files), click the button below to download it for free.

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Many, many, Thanks to the Coralville Animal Clinic!

Without generous help from the Coralville Animal Clinic (and a few other local veterinary clinics), the JCHS fostercare and adoption program would probably be only be half its present size. From 1992-2015, when Dr. Cowles retired and sold the Clinic, he and his Clinic staff cheerfully provided free “room and board” for JCHS animals waiting for space to open up in a foster home.

Over the years, the number of animals-in-residence at the Clinic has ranged from one to seven at any given time. In addition to wall space in the waiting room for photos of JCHS animals available for adoption, the Clinic also prvided a substantial discount on veterinary care, food, and supplies to JCHS animals in foster care.

Dennis Cowles, DVM (Coralville Animal Clinic), along with Paul Cooper, DVM (University of Iowa Veterinarian) work on our behalf with Iowa’s Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, as “foster home inspectors.”

Their time and talents made it possible to convert our fostercare activities to a state-licensed program. Our pilot program with the Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship resulted in a provision in the Iowa Administrative Code to legalize in-home foster care of companion animals.

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About this Website

It was designed on a Mac and is best viewed using Safari as a browser. Don’t hesitate to e-mail us comments about it.

If you borrow information from this website, please include a reference and a link. Information in this website is not intended as veterinary or legal advice. The content of this site pretty much does represent the opinions of members of the Johnson County Humane Society.

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Contact Us

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