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Articles Archive—6/06

Dogs “Grown” in Iowa Need your Help!

Governor Vilsack got the message that “Dogs are not livestock, nor should they be considered as such!” He line-item vetoed the language on Friday, June 2, 2006.

Do you consider dogs to be “farm products?” Should they be? Do you want to have facilities licensed to raise dogs to be considered as being in the “agricultural production business?”

Why should Iowans be encouraged to raise dogs as a cash crop?

On May 3, 2006, the Iowa legislature passed a bill* that re-defines dogs raised in commercial operations (i.e., breeding kennels/puppy mills) as “livestock.” This concept was introduced by Senator Mary Lundby (R—District 18) Marion, Iowa.

We’ve asked her why and are waiting for her response, which we will print here. We found it odd that Senator Lundby would choose to work with the Iowa Federation of Pet Owners and the Iowa Pet Breeders Association rather than draw on the expertise of the Iowa Federation of Humane Societies or any of the Iowa Kennel Clubs.

This new legislation has us worried. Factory farming has done no favors for pigs, cows, chickens, or turkeys. No doubt, it will be disastrous for dogs, as well.

Many of you know that actually, dogs have been illegally raised as a cash crop in Iowa for years. We have plenty of puppy mills already breeding plenty of misery. In fact, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania have for decades shared the onus of being the top seven puppy mill states that supply pet shops all over the nation. If seeing is believing for you, here are some photos the puppy mill industry wouldn’t want you to see (warning: these are graphic).

We all need to be concerned about the significant negative repercussions that dogs a a legal cash crop will have on Chapters 717, 717A, & 717B of the Iowa Code, which contain the laws relating to how animals in Iowa are to be treated (abuse/cruelty/neglect). It took y-e-a-r-s of hard work to get what protection animals now have.

Thank You for Taking Action!

*Here is the language that was passed by the legislature:
Iowa Code Chapter 352—County Land Preservation & Use Commissions
Subsection 7—Farm Products (would be amended to read—changes in fuschia)

“Farm products” means those plants and animals and their products which are useful to people and includes but is not limited to forages and sod crops, grains and feed crops, dairy and dairy products, poultry and poultry products, livestock, canines from licensed facilities, fruits, vegetables, flowers, seeds, grasses, trees, fish, honey and similar products, or any other plant, animal or plant or animal product which supplies people with food, feed fiber or fur.
Iowa Code Chapter 423—Sales and Use Taxes
Subsection 3—Agricultural Production (would be amended to read—changes in fuschia)

“Agricultural production” includes the production of flowering, ornamental, or vegetable plants in commercial green house or otherwise, and production from aquaculture or canines from licensed facilities. “Agricultural products” includes flowering, ornamental, or vegetable plants and those products of aquaculture or canines from licensed facilities.

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