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Johnson County Humane Society

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JCHS Wish List

Corrugated cardboard cat-scratcher padscats love them and it would be nice to be able to include one with every adoption

Cat toyscats love home-made stuff—small and simple are best

Digital camerait would be so handy to have one available for “loaning” to fostercargivers so they could provide up-to-date photos electronically for the website

Paper towelsour foster homes really do try to use as few as possible, but when you’re late for work and something messy happens...

Feliway™ (or Comfort Zone™) plug-in diffusers and refillsthese contain artificial feline facial pheromones (kind of like “feel-good/all-is-well” aroma therapy for cats) We use them especially in multi-cat foster homes to help with new-cat transitions

ScatMats™we use these very-very-low-voltage mats with behaviorally-challenged cats who need to re-learn important lessons about things like jumping up on the stove or to deter territorial marking by the front door

Cash donationsthese may be earmarked for the Feral Cat Project; Spay/Neuter; Cat Rescue/Fostering/Adoption; or Financial Aid for Veterinary Emergencies

In-kind donations of your special skillswe especially need folks with experience to share in public relations; fund raising; grant writing; photography; and providing foster care

Storage spacewe are always looking for secure, easily-accessible space to store things like kitty havens; humane live traps; extra pet taxis; pallets of food and litter; and other animal-oriented paraphernalia

Canned sardines or mackerelwe use these “stinky” fish to bait our live-traps. Cats (even the ferals, i.e., cats who have never been touched) find the smell and taste irresistible

Last update:   08/27/14

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JCHS      P.O. BOX 2775      IOWA CITY, IA  52244-2775


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